Bump Watch

Haven’t posted any belly pics in awhile… here is one from 20 weeks, and one from 22 weeks.  I’ll take one this coming Sunday for 24 weeks.  Seems like every 2 weeks shows at least a little growth.  She’s moving around a lot more lately, it’s pretty cool/bizarre, definitely enjoyable and brings a smile to my face.


Baby’s Room

Well painting is complete!  I will post some pictures of the nursery in progress as soon as I can… but I thought I’d share some artwork I created.  I picked up some cheap white frames from ikea and wanted to put something colorful in them to hang above the crib.  So here’s what I came up with using my illustrator skillzzzz, we’ll see how they look against the aqua walls!  I also ordered a rug from Dash & Albert, can’t wait until it comes in!




21 Weeks!

So when I say 21 weeks pregnant, it really doesn’t sound that far along, but when I translate that to months… holy crap I’m over 5 months pregnant!  It’s weird how most of the pregnancy, the beginning up until now, I’ve barely noticed I’m pregnant.  She has been kicking more and more lately, it’s amazing how just a couple weeks ago I only felt flutters and would wonder “I THINK that was the baby,” and now it’s like, “She KICKED!!!”  It’s also amazed me how much you bond with this being inside of you, and how you can start to feel the love deepening and growing, as cheesy as that sounds. I have these giddy moments when I babble to Steve “I can’t wait to meet her and hold her!”  I imagine those feelings will intensify and probably overwhelm us in the last weeks lol.

So I found this picture today online… and I want it to be our nursery concept!  Love the aqua walls, white upholstery and bright pillows.  Hmmm now to translate it into baby room!

So last Friday we had our “big” ultrasound appointment at 18 weeks!  It went great (the tech said everything looked fine) and we found out that it’s a GIRL!  We are thrilled. 🙂  I was a little embarrassed during it because I had to drink 32 oz. of water an HOUR before the u/s and hold it.  Well, 15 minutes into it, I thought I was literally going to pee my pants.  She let me get up and go pee for 10 seconds.  I said to her “So does this ever happen or am I just a wimp,” and she said it doesn’t happen very often!  Way to make me feel better!  The ultrasound was so cool though, the baby was moving around constantly (maybe because I loaded up on sugar with Skittles beforehand), she kept opening her mouth, sucking her thumb, stretching her legs and putting her arms over her head.  It’s so weird how active she is and I can’t feel it all yet.  I made Steve take the pic below so I could put it on facebook.  He just loves it when I make him do stuff like that. 🙂

I want this

I wish all I had to do all summer is shop and put together cute outfits for summer parties. I do have a wedding to attend in a couple weeks… but I don’t think the dress would fit.  Booooo.


Well with a new baby comes a new room!  I’ve started thinking about nursery decor ideas, but have been trying to wait until we know the sex to go any further.  I like the idea of doing something kinda gender neutral anyway, but who knows once I find out if we’ll have a sweet little girl or rambunctious little guy.  We did find a crib and changing table on craigslist – Jenny Lind style in white.  Anyway these are some nursery pics I’ve seen where I actually like the colors lol.