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Well… I haven’t shared this link with family and friends yet, so I know we won’t be in danger of letting the cat out of the bag… but we’ve discovered that we’re having an unexpected wedding guest.  He/she will still technically be considered a fetus at the time but yes, we are expecting a lil bambino!  We found out about  6 weeks ago – I will be 12 weeks at the wedding in 4 days!  So crazy, such a surprise!  We’ve only told a handful of people and plan to announce it when we return from our honeymoon.  I’m planning on telling my bridesmaids when we are getting ready for the wedding on Saturday, I can’t WAIT!  I’ve been thinking of clever ways to tell them… still haven’t decided yet.   What a stressful/exciting time haha.  Next post will probably be wedding pictures! 😀


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