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Haven’t posted any belly pics in awhile… here is one from 20 weeks, and one from 22 weeks.  I’ll take one this coming Sunday for 24 weeks.  Seems like every 2 weeks shows at least a little growth.  She’s moving around a lot more lately, it’s pretty cool/bizarre, definitely enjoyable and brings a smile to my face.


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Well painting is complete!  I will post some pictures of the nursery in progress as soon as I can… but I thought I’d share some artwork I created.  I picked up some cheap white frames from ikea and wanted to put something colorful in them to hang above the crib.  So here’s what I came up with using my illustrator skillzzzz, we’ll see how they look against the aqua walls!  I also ordered a rug from Dash & Albert, can’t wait until it comes in!




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